The Golf Performance Academy Gears Up for Summer Program!

June 16th marks the opening day of the Golf Performance Academy’s Summer Program! The program is designed to help young golfers develop their skills, prepare for tournaments, and further immerse themselves in the sport. GPA incorporates different aspects of the 5 Elements of Success into the format of the camp. This includes taking the athletes through a comprehensive assessment of their abilities, group practices and workouts, working with coaches on the mental game, and one-on-one on course training that allows for a direct transfer of skills to a practical setting.

The junior golfers will move into the Academy campus on Sunday before embarking on their almost 8 week long camp. A typical daily schedule starts with a 6:30 am pre-workout before their full workout from 7-8 am. Breakfast is from 8:15 to 8:45, then golf training from 9 am to noon. The athletes will then receive their individual coaching and on course training from 2 to 5:30 pm with everyone regrouping at 6:30 for dinner. After dinner, the athletes are able to participate in a number of different activities like basketball, pickleball, pool, ping-pong, and other in-house activities, with some movie nights and outings incorporated into the schedule. Lights out is at 10 pm so the athletes can get proper rest to do it all again the next day.

On campus, golfers will receive meals thoughtfully curated in collaboration with the expert culinary and coaching staff. Meals are not only nutritious, but also crafted to support the physical goals of the golfers. With every athletes’ comprehensive assessments, the GPA team can then create a plan fit for each athlete to help them reach their peak performance. Each athlete will also have the opportunity to compete in local and regional tournaments. Coaches from the Golf Performance Center will guide them through the preparation process, post round analysis, and mental training for the competition. Coaching will take place on The National Short Course at GPC; a 9-hole course where athletes can learn the value of setting goals and applying them in play against fellow competitors. To help them thrive in a team environment, athletes will work closely with mental coaches, club fitters, and physical performance coaches in a structured setting. All of these aspects of the summer camp in combination will add great value to each athlete’s development.

By the end of the program, the golfers will leave with a comprehensive practice plan that will help them beyond their time at GPA. The training guide is designed to help their improvement over the next 3 months, so the skills they learn will not just be temporarily relevant. With the Golf Performance Academy’s unique approach to the development of each individual golfer, the Summer Program is an excellent way for a young golfer to improve, learn valuable skills, and love the game.


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