The Player Development Index

PDI is the Golf Performance Academy’s proprietary golf development system.  PDI is a game changer for measuring and managing development, and an excellent tool to accelerate improvement for juniors.


PDI is not a ranking system, benchmarking golfers against their peers. It is not a stats program, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your game.  PDI powers development beyond ranking and stats and is the best tool for junior golfers to take control of their improvement and development.


With its philosophy firmly rooted in the ongoing assessment process in key areas, PDI provides a snapshot of where the athlete is at any given moment and tracks improvement and development over time. 


PDI is the only measurement and management system for juniors that puts them in control of their game to ensure they are developing on target to achieve their goals.

    How can
 PDI help?

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and achieve peak performance?  Junior athletes are in a critical stage of physical, emotional, social, and mental development.  Add to that the challenge of golf, and the pressure to perform and get into college.

Although we are cognitively aware that it is good to focus on the process and not the outcome, many athletes do not know how to have a solid process that allows them to focus on the right things, at the right time, to get the right results

The PDI measurement system takes the guessing out of it all, and provides a data driven blueprint to guide the player journey towards their goals.

To put it simply, PDI is raising the standard when it comes to managing and measuring golf development. 

    What Is PDI?

PDI provides is a score earned by golfers through an objective skills assessment, to quantify the skills of a golfer.

It is a measure of the following lead factors:

Golf Skills

Physical Skills

Mental Skills

Scoring Skills

It is the first of its kind to help quantify potential and predict a players trajectory of development by identifying the athlete’s areas of strength and weakness and the ability to track progress over time. Conveyed through an easy-to-understand numerical index, the PDI serves as a foundational system for development; a must-have for anyone looking to improve at the game.

Through rigorous assessments, an athlete is given a “score” on the Index.  With regular testing over time, golf coaches, college coaches, parents and athletes are able track the Index or development progress and be proactive about the areas of opportunity in the athlete’s game and focus on those areas.

PDI is rooted in discovery-based learning, to promote long term athletic development.  Built on the foundational philosophy of the 5 Elements of Success  which are Desire, Coaching, Mental Skills, Physical Performance and Equipment.

The Top 6 Reasons Why PDI is a Game Changer for every junior golfer:

1. PDI provides lead factor data that is critical in understanding what to work on in training.
2. With PDI an athlete will accelerate their development and improvement.
3. PDI provide a roadmap on where to focus energy, time, and resources in training and coaching.
4. PDI uncovers the mystery of why an athlete may not be achieving their potential which is invaluable to college coaches in the recruiting process.
5. PDI closes the gap between perceived proficiency or handicap and the reality of skill and ability at any given moment.
6. PDI provides feedback to golf coaches on how effective the training program really is.

    What is involved in a PDI Assessment?

The PDI Assessment is a tool that will benefit both athlete and coach to identify areas of strength and weakness to better support the athletes development and improve the efficiency of the coaching.

The data derived from the assessment is objective and creates a baseline of where the athlete is.  The information is consistent and predictable, with retesting done in a repeatable manner to provide accurate and consistent data.

During the assessment there are a series of physical, mental and skills tests that are conducted by a certified PDI coach.  They are the most important core skills and competencies that are critical to athletic success such as

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