Student Life

While we are dedicated to helping our athletes play at the next level, life is about more than just golf.

We focus on the athlete as a whole and support them through their journey of developing into lifelong learners, self-advocates, strong leaders, and confident players.


Main Campus is home to most of our student-athletes, with a dining room, recreational room, lounge and classrooms. Full-time staff live on campus and help guide students through their transition of living away from home.

Main Campus is very secure and peaceful, and less than a mile from the golf training center. There are separate girls and boys dorms, and although we refer to them as dorms, in actuality they are student homes, well appointed, warm, and inviting.

Each home has a full time Dorm Parent that provides care, safeguarding, and discipline in the day-to-day lives of the Academy students. Each student home has new furnishings, high speed internet, and washer and dryer. The large dining hall provides plenty of space for students to eat their meals and socialize 7 days a week on site. The experienced catering team led by Chef Leslie plan healthy and nutritious meals that provide a balanced diet for optimal performance.
 The amenities at Main Campus include a rec hall with ping pong and board games and other recreational activities such as basketball and for the students.


The Golf Performance Academy offers two academic options: the US Performance Academy (USPA) on site at Main Campus, and Wooster School, a 10-minute commute to nearby Danbury.

For students who wish to play golf at the collegiate level or receive scholarships, The Academy’s staff and resources are there every step of the way to help navigate the process and ensure success at the college level.

The Academy partners with the US Performance Academy(USPA), an NCAA-accredited online learning platform created for athletes. Students learn in a self-paced environment with learning coaches in the classroom to support students’ academic pursuits. This provides students with a more efficient and flexible experience and allows them to create an independent schedule that fits their needs and goals.

For those looking for a more traditional experience, Wooster School is a unique Northeastern college preparatory academic experience, conveniently located only 10 minutes from GPA. Wooster’s environment values an individualized approach to education to help students find their passion and their purpose.

The Director of Student Care & Education oversees every student’s development and will report on progress monthly. The Student Life team oversee tutoring needs and will create an academic improvement plan for any student who requires additional support.

Both academic options provide small class sizes and robust academic curriculum, where students are well equipped to meet their NCAA eligibility requirements and be prepared for their college journey.

No matter what academic option a student athlete chooses, one thing is certain. Graduates of the Academy are equipped with the skills, foundation, grit and resilience necessary to further pursue their passion in college and in life successfully.

     Character & Leadership

There are numerous ways that students learn and grow at GPA. We have three distinct areas of focus in formally delivering leadership development throughout the year:

Executive Functioning – We recognize the value of executive functioning skills in personal and leadership development. As such, our Student Life team have extensive training in this area to help students make the link between their goals and aspirations and their daily habits and behaviors. We have group sessions twice a month with the students, based on the XX leadership program, and work through various executive 9 functioning skills such as conflict resolution, time/self-management, emotional control, prioritizing, and other valuable skills.

Community Service – This is an opportunity for students to learn more about the greater community and the responsibility of giving back in a meaningful way. Students are presented with various options so that they may find what piques their interest and then commit to making a contribution in that area.

Internships – One of the benefits of the blended learning model is the opportunity for students to engage in more experiential learning with internships. Students are guided to choose internships in fields of study that interest them so that their education in those subjects going forward have greater context. The Academy help students find the best fit and provide support in navigating the process.

    The Faculty

Leslie DiNapoli
Chef Manager Sr.
Ryan Bator
Mira Bothman
Roland Millman
Residential Instructors
Mira Gouse
Residential Instructors
Cristofer Curtis
Residential Instructors

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