The Full-Time  Academy

The full year golf boarding academy program is one of the world’s best and has a proven system to maximize junior golf performance. Unlike the competitors, we offer a full 12-month program that includes every aspect of junior development to accelerate results. Daily physical performance training, golf training in full swing, short game, course management and mental skills, and regular golf course play make this a superior program for elite junior golfers. Our coaches pay close attention to each junior golfer’s needs, with 4 PDI (see link) assessments throughout the year to keep the periodized training schedule on track. Coupled with Northeastern quality academics and a full tournament schedule, there is no better program to train and prepare a junior for college golf.

   The Post-Graduate Program

There are many reasons why an athlete chooses a PG Program. Whether they are not ready physically, technically, or competitively to dominate their desired level of collegiate competition, or if they are unable to gain admission to their college of choice and want to improve their options, the PG Program offers many advantages.

The program is designed to build graduates into fierce competitors through mental strength training, technical skills and a physical performance program that will prepare them for any challenge. Having a full day to work on their golf, and extra time for college test prep or working on the college placement plan, the PG Program is an ideal way to get ready for college golf. Unlike the competitors, we offer a full 12-month program that includes every aspect of junior development to accelerate results.

   Summer  Program

Built around the junior golf athlete, Summer Training at The Golf Performance Academy provides everything juniors need to get better!

Summer athletes will experience all the incredible benefits of the full year academy program such as world class technology, the 5 Elements Assessment, a training plan designed for their individual physical, skill and ability level, and tournament competition. Some of the best coaches in junior golf will work alongside the athletes to give them all the tools they need to improve.

Athletes will receive a personalized plan to continue working on their golf development well beyond their time at GPA. They will also get a Junior Golf Hub membership which will help players to stay on track with their plan until they return to GPA the next summer!

Our goal is to help aspiring golf athletes improve, love the game, and learn some valuable lessons during your summer training program!

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