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Join the Premier Fall Golf Program for Elite Junior Golfers

The Golf Performance Academy (GPA) in Ridgefield, Connecticut – is your gateway to golf mastery. 

Our Full-Time Boarding Golf Program is a globally acclaimed, 12-month curriculum designed specifically for aspiring junior golfers in grades 7-12th.

Why Choose Us?

1. All-Rounded Growth: Full swing, short game, course management, mental and physical skill development and personalized training with 4 PDI assessments throughout the year.

2. Academic Balance: Quality Northeastern academics and a full tournament schedule to prepare for college golf.

Start your path to success both on the course and in the classroom. This is where champions are nurtured.

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About GPA

Situated in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the Golf Performance Academy is the ultimate destination for student-athletes in grades 7-12 and postgraduates aspiring to play collegiate and professional golf.

Our expert coaching staff is dedicated to not just honing your golf skills but also instilling a high moral character through a deep commitment to the game. If you’re on a path to play golf in college, there’s no better environment to prepare for your journey.

We don’t just create players; we shape leaders.

Tuition Includes

1. Extensive Golf Program: 10-month boarding coupled with 12 months of comprehensive golf training.

2. Comfortable Living: Housing and daily catering at our Main Campus, ensuring a home-like and secure environment.

3. Holistic Training:4 hours of daily golf practice, including technology-enhanced training, golf course play, and unlimited access to GPC.

3. Mental Skill: Full-time Sports Psychologist to guide a complete mental skills program.

4. Physical Conditioning: Daily performance training for optimal physical functionality and peak performance.

5. Supportive Pathway: College Placement Support and custom club fitting tailored to your needs.

6. Competitive Opportunities: 10 tournament entries per year, enhancing real-time experience.

7. Exclusive Experience: A 5-week winter trip to Florida, adding a unique dimension to your training.

Academics at USPA or Wooster School

Embark on a transformative journey that balances skill, mind, body, and academics. It’s more than a program; it’s your future in golf.

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